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24 August 2007


Mobile Choice Blog

Hi Jane, thanks for your comment, it's good to have someone's hands-on opinions! Would it stop me from munching kebabs after a few pints?

Jane Darry

I've been using it for a few months and it's actually very clever but simple to use.
For instance, it tells me when I've had enough or too little protein or vitamin c in a day. It's not just about losing weight. For instance if you find that you haven't reached your cal limit for the day - you can go ahead and eat something else.
If you even use it for a week you can find out what foods are doing most of the damage. In my case most of my cals were coming from Cafe Lattes believe it or not. It is used widely in hospitals now I believe also. Basically it works everything out for you. It's smart enough to isolate foods in your diet based on actual numbers and then you just have to cut down on them to get the numbers right. No point in having a personal trainer if you don't have a personal dietitian too I'd say. Janey

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